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“Living in Harmony with our Environment”

At the Annual Parish Meeting, Nick Lawson, Ernest Cook Trust, gave a presentation about how we can help farmers and protect their livestock.

Dog walking in Eastleach and the agricultural fields surrounding the villages has caused a particular issue for local farmers through the transmission of Neospora through dog faeces.  If Neospora is transferred to an in-calf cow or heifer the parasites can cause abortion or render the calf with lifelong infection.  Infection can arrive by several routes, by the purchase of an infected cow or in feed or water contaminated by dog faeces.

It is possible that a dog owner would not be aware of their pet being infected and indeed, it is passed through the dog in a matter weeks thereby rendering the dog immune and no longer at risk.  However, this will pass to cattle through the faeces with dramatic impact. 

A local farmer has lost over 15 cattle to Neospora in over the last year, which is stopping them from building up a healthy herd, further impacting on the growth of their business.  So what can be done?

Quite simply, whilst out walking in our beautiful landscape please pick up your dog’s faeces.Most owners are very considerate in this regard and respect the farmers’ day to day business.  However, we all need to double our efforts and pick up after our dogs.  Signs have been put up along with poo bags and scoops. which have been used .

Please help our farmers by taking responsibility for your pets and collecting their pet poo at all times.