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Latest News – Telephone Box

B T has agreed that the telephone box is causing a damp problem to the cottage next to it and has therefore decided to remove the box in order to solve the problem.

B T has said that Eastleach P C can still adopt the box but would be charged £1200 for the cost of removal and a further £461 plus VAT for disconnection of power.

B T expects to carry out the removal early in the New Year. There is no guarantee that the box would survive removal without damage.

Eastleach P C has no land on which to re-site the box and does not have the funds to meet these costs. The next PC (Zoom) meeting is expected to be the second Wednesday in December when a decision on whether to adopt the box will be made.

As adoption of the box appears to be both impractical and unaffordable it seems regrettably, that the P C will have to turn down adoption of the box.

Thoughts or suggestions from residents are welcomed.

Please email the Clerk at

Rick Whiteley

Acting Chairman to Eastleach Parish Council